Scandi 5

The largest and most comfortable home for the family

127.5 m2

7.64 x 17.44 m



Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
Scandi 5
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The largest and most comfortable home for the family

Modular house SKANDI 5 – this is THREE bedrooms, wardrobe and a spacious terrace! Plenty of room for a large family!

And in the cozy green yard to equip a playground, barbecue area, install a swimming pool.

SCANDI is a great solution for people who do not want to take responsibility and construction costs, as well as for people who want conscious consumption and care for the environment and their health.

Only three months from the date of order – and you are the owner of the same house on your site.

  • Total area of ​​the house with a terrace of 127.5 m2
  • Living room with kitchen 38.46 m2
  • Bedroom 12.03 m2
  • Children’s 12.03 m2
  • Cabinet / guest bedroom 7.79 m2
  • Bathroom 4.21 m2
  • Wardrobe 3.75 m2
  • Lobby 5.65 m2
  • Terrace 14 m2
SCANDI 5 equipment:
  1. Exterior decoration
  2. Windows and doors
  3. Ceiling and wall interior – wooden under the beam 135 mm
  4. Interior doors
  5. Laminated floor KRONOSWISS (Switzerland), KRONOTEX (Germany)
  6. Wiring
  7. Schneider Electric Switches and Sockets
  8. Plumbing Inner Pipes
  9. Ajax (Home Security) Alarm
  10. Infrared home heating (Eurowinter)
  11. Air recovery
  12. LED lighting (basic solution)

Price € 99,900


Energy efficiency and security partners

Ajax alarm

An advanced Ajax StarterKit Plus security system is installed to protect the house.

Thermal insulation

For energy efficiency of the house the high-quality heat-insulating material of the world brand Saint Gobain 200 mm thick on all opaque cover of the house – walls, a roof, a floor is applied.


Modern laminate flooring for durable flooring from a European manufacturer

Sockets and switches

Electrical accessories from one of the world’s leading manufacturers Schneider Electric


Used double-glazed windows 42 mm thick, including two energy-efficient glass and filled with argon. For example, a window 1 m wide and 2 m high retains heat 40% better than a conventional energy efficient window (R = 0.75).

Heat pump

LG heat pumps, which reduce electricity consumption by 2-3 times and work efficiently at temperatures down to minus 18 0 C. They are additionally installed with limited access to the grid, as well as if you want to reduce heating costs.

Built-in appliances

Built-in Candy appliances (energy efficiency class A) further reduce electricity consumption and make the house even more environmentally friendly. Installed additionally


Favorite and functional kitchens IKEA are specially equipped for Scandi homes


5 steps of cooperation


Contact us so we can arrange a show and prepare a contract

2-3 days

Signing contracts, arranging logistics issues, agreeing on deadlines and priorities

60 days

Assembly of home modules in production. Preparation of the base for installation

1-3 days

Delivery of finished modules to the place of installation and installation of modules

The final assembly
14 days

Installation, decoration of windows, additional equipment, delivery of the object

Frequently Asked Questions

7 questions to ask before buying

SCANDI is a safe house, it is equipped with a reliable wireless security system AJAX. You may not worry about robbery, flood or fire.

We recommend placing motion sensors in the areas where it is easiest to get. As soon as someone enters the object, the sensor gives an alarm and takes a series of pictures and sends them to the phone to everyone in the AJAX system.

The fire sensor responds to two types of fire: a rapid rise in temperature and the transition of the temperature limit – more than 60 degrees. The plus version still has carbon monoxide factor.

The leak sensor is installed in wet areas of the house – kitchen sink, washing machine, dishwasher. It has 8 nickel contacts. As soon as the water hits them, it works.

Terrace board, about 3 cm thick. There is no insulation in the floor and walls on the terrace.

Our houses are reliable and durable. However, they need to be cared for and maintained like any other. Once a year it is necessary to paint all visible surfaces of the base as metal has property to rust in due course.

It is also important to understand that this is a wooden house. And, of course, there are small cracks that occur when the tree shrinks. We always warn about it. Be prepared that both inside and outside, depending on humidity, temperature changes, seasonal changes, etc. shrinkage of imitation of a bar is possible. What will it be like? The imitation profile of the beam consists of “spike-groove” connections. Over time, they may diverge. But all this is easily lined up and collected.

Meanwhile, wood is an environmentally friendly, durable and durable material that creates a favorable microclimate for life.

Yes, you can. But our company does not do that. You are contacting a gas company. Seven years ago, we determined that electricity is more economical than gas.

SCANDI houses have double-glazed windows, 42 mm thick, including two energy-efficient glasses and filled with argon. They retain heat 40% better than a conventional energy-efficient window. You can also install LG heat pumps in our homes, which reduce electricity consumption by 2-3 times and work effectively at temperatures down to minus 180 C. All this saves on bills.

  • Exterior decoration
  • Windows and doors
  • Ceiling and wall interior – wooden under the beam 135 mm
  • Interior doors
  • Laminated floor KRONOSWISS (Switzerland), KRONOTEX (Germany)
  • Wiring
  • Schneider Electric Switches and Sockets
  • Plumbing Inner Pipes
  • Ajax (Home Security) Alarm
  • Infrared home heating (Eurowinter)
  • Air recovery
  • LED lighting (basic solution)
  • Module delivery is calculated additionally, depending on the location
  • The exact cost of installing the foundation is calculated according to the geology and geodesy of your site
  • Built-in furniture
  • Built-in Candy appliances (dishwasher, stove, oven, refrigerator)
  • LG heat pump for double or triple heating savings

Reviews of SCANDI 5 owners

Elena, owner of the town of Tree

@Yaroslava.gres and I decided to build a dream house. But to better understand what we want and not lose the childhood years of our children, we decided to start with MVP and quickly build a house. Everything worked out. Exactly 70 days have passed since the "bare ground", when we hit hands with the contractor and the first night in the house.
There are 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 corridors and a kitchen-living room on 110 floors. + 28 meters terrace, and we added a "deck" - an open terrace of 60 meters (I highly recommend). We live in the house all summer and looking at the happy and loving children and the dog, I can say that this was one of our best decisions. I was responsible for the general construction. Yaroslav for beauty. Everything is very simple.
Many things are easier and faster than they seem. And speed doesn't always increase your budget.

Photo: @andriyfedoriv

Elena, owner of the town of Tree

On March 5, Andriy invented that we would build a house in the woods. On May 5, he has already completed it. And he said happily: it's your turn! So began my race in search of everything from sofas and tables to curtains and mirrors. It turned out so cozy that after visiting on the weekend, our family did not leave here.
I am an ambassador of noisy cities, I turned into a summer resident. And also - for a fan of brands and people who create a very high quality product that Ukraine can be proud of.

Photo: @yaroslava.gres

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