Scandi 2

Cozy house for leisure and business

40 m2

5.14 x 8.44 м



Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Обслуговування будинків - корисні поради
Обслуговування будинків - корисні поради
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Scandi 2
Обслуговування будинків - корисні поради
Обслуговування будинків - корисні поради
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Cozy house for leisure and business

The SCANDI eco-format fits very organically into any landscape. Undoubtedly, the most advantageous SCANDI looks in good locations – it’s forest, river, mountains.

It is nice to spend leisure time here. Large panoramic windows give a feeling of freedom, open space and unity with nature. And on a cozy terrace, for example, overlooking the forest, it’s nice to sit with a cup of coffee or laptop, or to conduct business negotiations in the fresh air.

SCANDI 2 house is ideal for:

for permanent residence
cottages outside the city
business (cafe, office, mini hotel)
warehouses and farms

We will build in just three months! Let’s install in the most difficult territories across all Ukraine!

  • Total house area 40 m2
  • Living room with kitchen 13.25 m2
  • Bedroom 5.91 m2
  • Bathroom 3.91 m2
  • Terrace 9 m2

Price € 34,000


Energy efficiency and security partners

Ajax alarm

An advanced Ajax StarterKit Plus security system is installed to protect the house.

Thermal insulation

For energy efficiency of the house the high-quality heat-insulating material of the world brand Saint Gobain 200 mm thick on all opaque cover of the house – walls, a roof, a floor is applied.


Modern laminate flooring for durable flooring from a European manufacturer

Sockets and switches

Electrical accessories from one of the world’s leading manufacturers Schneider Electric


Used double-glazed windows 42 mm thick, including two energy-efficient glass and filled with argon. For example, a window 1 m wide and 2 m high retains heat 40% better than a conventional energy efficient window (R = 0.75).

Heat pump

LG heat pumps, which reduce electricity consumption by 2-3 times and work efficiently at temperatures down to minus 18 0 C. They are additionally installed with limited access to the grid, as well as if you want to reduce heating costs.

Built-in appliances

Built-in Candy appliances (energy efficiency class A) further reduce electricity consumption and make the house even more environmentally friendly. Installed additionally


Favorite and functional kitchens IKEA are specially equipped for Scandi homes


5 steps of cooperation


Contact us so we can arrange a show and prepare a contract

2-3 days

Signing contracts, arranging logistics issues, agreeing on deadlines and priorities

60 days

Assembly of home modules in production. Preparation of the base for installation

1-3 days

Delivery of finished modules to the place of installation and installation of modules

The final assembly
14 days

Installation, decoration of windows, additional equipment, delivery of the object

Frequently Asked Questions

9 questions to ask before buying
The beauty of SCANDI modular buildings is that we install them in the most difficult areas throughout Ukraine. This is the sea, mountains and hills around Kiev. Any areas are used. Of course, SCANDI looks good in good locations – it’s forest, river, mountains.

The house comes for installation with sewn walls, electricity, sockets and switches. Standard height 2.10 – 2.50 m. It remains only to fasten together two modules of 6 meters.

The location of the house on the site depends on the wishes of customers. However, the orientation of the world should be taken into account. For example, the sunrise is an ideal place for a bedroom if you like to wake up early, with the first rays of the sun. Also, keep in mind that by noon, the rooms in the western part of the house will be lit.

Resin can leak from the wooden elements on the south side of the house. This is the natural life cycle of the tree. You should understand that you will need to renew the paint every five years.

Externally, SCANDI modular buildings are lined with metal, it is a profile sheet. And they are partially decoratively covered with wood – pine and imitation timber.

Yes, we rent the house completely ready for operation. After installation, it is recommended to ventilate it and start the heating system slowly and evenly.

SCANDI houses are made by experienced craftsmen in their own factory, delivered in modules to your site and installed. This simple scheme can significantly reduce construction time and minimize the amount of construction debris in your yard. As a result, in just three months you get a home that will bring you pleasure for decades.

Delivery of modules is calculated additionally, depending on the location.

No, the sale is currently at full cost. We do not provide for payment in installments and deferral of payments.

Reviews of SCANDI 2 owners

Elena, owner of the town of Tree

Two more cozy little houses SCANDI, with an area of 40 square meters have been installed. each. They will receive guests at our Conscious Business Center.
Installation of houses is a separate exciting action. We truly thank every representative of @scandiukr. We are happy to share this beauty with you.


Elena, owner of the town of Tree

My husband and I loved to drink coffee in Podil. And I dreamed of opening my own coffee shop there. But then, at the call of the soul, we moved from the capital to the Carpathians to the picturesque village of Yablunytsia. Here they opened their "Ladybug" in the house SCANDI 2. From now on we delight guests with delicious coffee with croissants.

Photo: korivka.coffeeshop

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